Jodie Immell, BSME – Senior Reconstructionist

Jodie Immell, BSME - Senior Reconstructionist

Jodie Immell began her career in crash reconstruction in 1999. After receiving her BSME and exploring traditional mechanical engineering paths, she worked at Honda Research and Development as a human factors test engineer. The mountains and lifestyle drew her to Colorado, which is where she discovered the field of crash reconstruction at Knott Laboratory. In her early career, Jodie focused on low speed, low severity crashes. She joined Ponderosa Associates in 2000 and has directed her focus to high severity crashes and product liability cases. Jodie also specializes in criminal defense work, as she enjoys providing defendants with access to an accurate reconstruction.  

Jodie has completed a number of specialized continuing education courses over her career. She has extensive experience with HVE 3D simulations, Heavy Truck Crash Reconstruction, Multi-Vehicle Crashes, Rollovers and Downloads of Vehicle and Heavy Truck Electronic Data Recorders (EDR).

Jodie is ACTAR certified. She has focused training in heavy truck crashes and ECM downloads. Jodie is a CDR certified technician and data analyst. She has been mentored extensively by experts throughout her career and has reconstructed approximately 1,000 crashes. She is always willing to review any case or crash, big or small, and give clients an understanding of what happened and how an expert can be valuable. 

Early in her career, Jodie took time off of traditional office work to enjoy the mountains. During this time, she held a CDL class B while working for the Town of Vail Transportation Department driving a ski town bus. She also had the pleasure of driving an ice cream truck. Jodie enjoys spending time with her family and two children. She is an avid traveler and a self-proclaimed foodie. Her hobbies include ice hockey, snowboarding, skiing, camping, and anything involving sand and water. 

Reconstruction Specialties

  • Motor Vehicle Accident
  • Reconstruction Heavy Truck
  • Accident Reconstruction
  • Rollovers Multi-Vehicle Crashes

Education & Accreditation

  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Michigan Technological University, 1996
  • ACTAR #2441
  • ECM Technician and Analyst
  • CDR Technician and Analyst
  • FAA Part 107 Pilot (drone/UAS)


  • Forensic science and accident reconstruction since 1999.

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Jodie Immell, BSME - Senior Reconstructionist
Jodie Immell, BSME - Senior Reconstructionist