Ponderosa Associates has investigated and reconstructed snowmobile incidents for over 30 years. From single vehicle crashes to multiple-sled interactions.

We use state-of-the-art measuring systems and mathematical models to evaluate vehicle dynamics, vehicle interactions, mechanical failure analysis and causation analysis.

Investigation & Reconstruction

  • Snowmobile-to-snowmobile
  • Single vehicle crashes and injury
  • Snowmobile-to-other vehicle
  • Ski area snowmobile accidents
  • Trajectory analysis
  • Speed analysis/sightline/response evaluation
  • Mechanical failure
  • Weight distribution and handling
  • Braking effectiveness
  • Scene surveys-3D laser measurement
  • Complete Animation/Presentation Services
  • Extensive Courtroom Testifying Experience

Seth Bayer, P.E.

Thomas Feiereisen, M.S., P.E.