Animation Samples

Vehicle Collision

A driver stopped on a dirt driveway pulls out onto the main road in a failed attempt to disengage the 4 wheel drive of the vehicle. The driver then backs up onto the driveway for another attempt, as approaching vehicles perceive a yield of right of away. The inattentive driver then pulls back out onto the main road in front of oncoming traffic to disengage the 4 wheel drive. The driver of the red vehicle cannot swerve left as oncoming traffic occupies the lane, so attempts to swerve right to go behind the encroaching vehicle and the collision occurs.

Occupant Trajectory

A handicapped patron of a shuttle service is left unbuckled in the rear of shuttle. The shuttle driver reacts to a sudden emergency with heavy braking and the unrestrained patron continues forward impacting the vehicle dashboard resulting in severe spinal injuries.

Severe Injury

An employee of a ski resort is working with a high-pressure hose. As the system is pressurized the hose connection fails. The high pressure propels the hose and connector into the lower leg of the employee, shattering the tibia.

Vehicle Damage Alignment

Damage to the red vehicle shows how the striking SUV was airborne at impact.